The House Sitters is a country dedicated house sitting website servicing Australia.   

Est 1993 as a printed publication mailed to subscribers, in 1998 The House Sitters created an online platform and with it, launched the world’s very first house sitting website.

Now 2020, The House Sitters have 27 years experience connecting Australian home owners with house and pet sitters.  The House Sitters are the longest running house sitting agency in the world! 

house-sitting-website-reviewsWho’d have thought the bright idea hatched by a couple of young Aussie graduates would morph into a global house sitting community of millions, with members in 135+ countries.

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BEST FEATURE 1:  Competition among house sitters for house sitting jobs is not as tough on The House Sitters as it can be on other house sitting websites.

This is because The House Sitters marketing efforts are directed toward Australian home owners and renters – not house sitters.

The purpose of this is to maintain a higher-than-average ratio of home owners to house sitters.

This is an admirable practice, since income is obtained from house sitters who pay an annual fee, not from home owners who are able to connect with registered house sitters, for free.

Editor’s Note:  August 2020 this feature is helpful, as hundreds of house bound house sitters emerge from lockdown to compete with fellow house sitters for less than the usual number of house sitting jobs.  But as border restrictions gradually ease and people escape the confines of home, listings are set to surge.

BEST FEATURE 2:  The House Sitters email house sitters to let them know when a home owner removes their listing for a house sitting job for which they have applied.

This is very helpful, because house sitters are not left wondering whether they’re still in the running for the assignment.


To maintain members’ privacy The House Sitters shield house sitter profiles from public view.  Details of house sitters are visible only to those home owners who receive an application from that particular house sitter for their house sitting job. 

BENEFIT 1: House sitters for whom privacy is important have peace-of-mind knowing personal details are hidden from public view.  

BENEFIT 2: Because house sitter profiles are hidden from public view, newbie house sitters are not disadvantaged by experienced house sitters with 5 Star Reviews on display.

Let me explain.  Some house sitting websites advertise along the lines of “choose from 5 Star rated house and pet sitters“.  This presents a problem for newbie house and pet sitters who do not yet have any Reviews from home owners.  As a member of The House Sitters, newbie house and pet sitters do not have to deal with the issue of experienced house sitters having an unfair advantage.


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The House Sitters enable Australian home owners to register and connect with registered house sitters, for FREE.

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House sitters can browse details of ALL house sitting jobs without having to either register or provide an email address.

As with all house sitting platforms, house sitters need to register to connect with home owners to apply for house sitting jobs.  But until such time as ready to apply, house sitters are able to freely browse ALL assignments.

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AUGUST 2020To help during covid-19 The House Sitters are offering house sitters an additional six (6) months membership FREE on both the 12 and 24 month Membership Plans.

This means an 18 month membership costs just $A50 and a 30 month membership is $A80.

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In the course of 9 years of full-time house sitting, Robyn-Lea Schulz has been a member of every house sitting website on the planet.

Housesitting as a lifestyle choice, from March 2011 to Feb 2020 she connected with 300+ home owners to complete more than 90 first time house sits and numerous repeat ‘sits’.  During this time she detected vast differences between the best and not-so-good house sitting websites.

Knowing choice of house sitting website can be a game changer, in 2013 Robi launched Compare House Sitting® to compare and review house sitting websites and point people in the direction of the site best for their circumstances.

You can read more About Compare House Sitting here.
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