Est 1993 The House Sitters has been connecting home owners with house sitters longer than any other house sitting website in the world!

best-house-sitting-website-australiaA country dedicated site for house sitting Australia, The House Sitters is the perfect platform for newcomers to the world of house and pet sitting.

  1. Great for “newbie” house sitters
    Because profiles of house sitters are hidden from public view, new members are not disadvantaged by experienced sitters with glowing Reviews and a 5 Star rating on display. Most other house sitting websites display members’ house sitting history – their online Reviews and 5 Star rating. Some even promote “choose from 5 Star sitters.” Read more
  2. Less Competition
    The House Sitters maintain a higher than average ratio of home owners to house sitters. This makes competition for house sitting jobs less intense than on other sites. Read more
  3. Low Cost
    At just $A50 annual membership, house sitters pay less for unlimited 12 month access to house sitting jobs Australia-wide.  Aussie home owners pay nothing to join and connect with FREE house and pet sitters.
  1. the-house-sitters-reviewEasier to get a sit
    Competition for house sitting jobs is not as intense on The House Sitters as it is on other house sitting platforms.

    This is because The House Sitters work hard to maintain a fair ratio of home owners to house sitters.  Better than the industry standard, the result is that members experience a higher percentage of successful applications than on other house sitting websites, where competition can be tough.

    The House Sitters achieve this by focusing marketing efforts on attracting new home owner listings – an admirable practice, because no income is received from home owners who join, for free.

  2. House sitters know when a house sitting job has been filled.
    The House Sitters email members to advise when a house sitting job they apply for has been

    This is very helpful, as house sitters are then confident to apply for other house sitting jobs for the same period.

    Not all house sitting websites let members know when a home owner has selected their house sitter. This means hopeful house sitters are left waiting weeks, sometimes months, to hear back from home owners.For a house sitting website not to have features that advise house sitters when jobs they apply for have been filled is irresponsible.


House Sitter profiles are not on public view

house-sitter-privacyAware some people prefer their personal details not be on public display, The House Sitters shield profiles of house sitters.   

Profiles of house and pet sitter are seen only by home owners who receive an application from that person for their house sitting job. 

There are any number of reasons why house sitters want their personal profile to be seen only by home owners with whom they choose to connect. 

Some may wish to put distance between them and a difficult relationship. Others might have a high public profile and prefer the fact that they are house sitting to not be public knowledge.

The House Sitters have 28 years experience connecting Aussie home owners with trusted house and pet sitters.   A few milestones:

house-sitting-website1993 – Australia’s first house sitting agency

1996 – The world’s first FREE house sitting service

1998 – Australia’s first house sitting website

2001 – The WORLD’S first international house sitting company.

Now 2021 and still going strong, who’d have thought the bright idea hatched by a couple of young Aussie graduates in 1993 would morph into a global house sitting community of millions, with members in 135+ countries!


Australian home owners register and connect with house and pet sitters, for FREE.

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house-sitting-website-review-australiaHouse and pet sitters browse ALL house sitting jobs without having to hand over their email address.

As with all house sitting platforms, house sitters need to register to connect with home owners to apply for house sitting jobs.  But until such time as ready to apply, house sitters can freely browse ALL assignments.

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