E  if  you could….
  • Travel longer or more often
  • “Earn” free holiday accommodation
  • Live rent & mortgage free
  • Save money for a first home deposit
  • Find a place to call home when life’s circumstances change
  • Avoid the daily commute by living close to work
  • Live-like-a-local before deciding where to settle
  • Take a break from the rigour of the road by house sitting
  • ‘Time out’ to pursue personal goals


More and more people (just like you) are becoming house sitters. Travelers are incorporating house and pet sitting into their accommodation mix to travel longer or more often.  Locals are turning to house sitting to “earn” free short breaks or long holidays.  Singles, couples and families are learning to live with less and house sit rather than work more or save harder.  Increasing numbers of Gen Y are house sitting to save a first home deposit, particularly in major cities in Australia where house prices continue to go through the roof .

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best-House-Sitting-WebsitesHouse and Pet Sitting – a booming world-wide trend

House and Pet sitting is booming world-wide.  A core component of the Sharing Economy, house sitting is the mutual exchange of services between people who co-operate for mutual benefit, not financial gain. No money changes hands, as house sitters “earn” free accommodation in exchange for caring for home and/or garden and/or lawns and/or pools, and always the pets in residence, in the home owner’s absence.  We explain more about house sitting here.

Hundreds of house sitting jobs listed every day

Every single day, in all corners of the world, home owners advertise on house sitting websites for house sitters to come and stay, for free.  House sitters decide what house sits to apply for – where, when, how long, type & breed of pets, or no pets at all.

What you make of house sitting is up to you. It can be a temporary measure to save money, or opportunity to change your living circumstances for a while. You might want to get-away-from-it-all, make time to stop and smell the roses or regroup after a major life change – redundancy or relationship breakdown.  Or, like me, house sitting can provide opportunity to pursue your passion project.  House sitting can be a means to an end, or an end in itself.

Browse house sitting jobs in Australia, New Zealand, UK, America or opportunities World-Wide.

long-term-house-sittersWhat type of people house sit?

People just like you house sit. There is no “type”. House and pet sitters come from all walks of life and are available for a range of reasons. They can be young singles or couples, families or retirees, professionals or home makers, country folk or urban dwellers.  All offer something different.  Home owners needs’ vary greatly, and each has clear expectations of what they want from their house sitter or house sitting team. Because of this, all “types” of people are sought for house sitting jobs.

house-sitting-jobsWhat do house sitting jobs involve?

House sitters responsibilities vary enormously – from maintaining house, garden, lawns, pool and pets on a property to caring for a cat and a few potted plants in an apartment. For the most part house sitters are simply required to provide live-in security, water plants, clear the mail box and care for the pets in residence. House sits can be anywhere from a long weekend to twelve months plus, and everything in between.

Who allows a stranger to live in their home?

Home owners the world over are welcoming house sitters into their home. Strangers no longer, house sitters have been interviewed either in person, via phone or by Skype, reference checked and vetted by the home owner well in advance of being given the key to the door. Similar to Air BnB, all good house sitting websites protect the individual’s privacy until they decide to share this information.

house-sitting-sitesHouse sitting success starts with choice of house sitting website

But if you don’t know the qualities to look for, how can you select a good house sitting website from the others?  Increased world-wide interest in house and pet sitting is seeing more and more platforms pop up online. But as is the way of the internet of things, not all are created equal.  We compare Features, Functions & Prices.  These are the ‘best’ sites for Australia & New Zealand , UK, America & Canada.

Could house sitting be for you?

What you make of house sitting is up to you.  We answer common questions about the wonderful world of house sitting at Myth Busters:

  1. Can I earn an income from house sitting?
  2. Can I work full-time?
  3. Do I have to own a car to house sit?
  4. How do I choose a house sitting website?

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