Luxury House Sitting


A common misstep made by house sitters getting started is to expect to land a fabulous sit in a beautiful home in a gorgeous location the first time.

Luxury house sits absolutely do exist and can be achieved.  But first, house and pet sitters need to have a reputation for being up for the job.

House sitting success comes from being able to demonstrate you are reliable, trustworthy, easy to get along with, and known to do the right thing by others.

And knowledgeable about how to co-exist with and care for quality homes, furnishings, appliances and valuable, often fragile, possessions.

Usually there is a pet or two to be cared for.  Because of this house sitters need have a genuine love of animals. And be happy to care for them in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

The best way to get started as a house sitter is to do a few short sits in your local area.  Not only does this boost confidence. It will also build competence in the process. And importantly, enables house sitters to accumulate online reviews quickly – currency in the world of house and pet sitting.

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Why people who don’t have pets engage house sitters

There are quite a few reasons why owners of luxury residences engage house sitters.  While a high percentage of house sitting jobs involve a pet or two, owners of luxury homes often have other things to consider.

Live-in home security

Luxury homes are often viewed as prime targets by burglars.

luxury-house-sittingRecently I completed a three month sit in a 4-storey 6 bedroom 4 bathroom house with spa, sauna, gym and infinity pool.

This absolute waterfront home was particularly susceptible to burglary.  Known as Spiderman, under cover of darkness thieves accessed properties from the water to scale balconies and break into homes.

Fast as lightning and quiet as a mouse, their M.O. was to remove small items of value from the home and empty bedrooms and walk-in robes of jewellery.

Peace of mind

Often wealthy people get trusted house sitters for peace of mind.  

Never before has it been so important to safeguard home and property against damaging climate events.

With the climate crisis intensifing and natural disasters causing unprecedented destruction across the globe, it’s more important than ever for people to safeguard home and property against unexpected weather events. 

From record-breaking extreme temperatures causing droughts, to hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes, with house sitters in residence home owners know their property and possessions will be defended.  Or if worst comes to worst, that their home and contents insurance will be honoured because the home was occupied.

Home Insurance remains effective

An important consideration for people who go away for any length of time is to know their home insurance policy remains valid. 

All home and contents insurance policies contain a Vacancy Clause. This specifies the length of time a home can remain uninhabited before it is deemed “unoccupied”.

The period of time varies greatly – from seven days in very cold climates, to 30 days in more temperate regions.  Insurance companies consider free house sitters “invited guests” and, as such, the Vacancy Clause does not kick in and insurance cover remains effective.

Where do you find luxury house sits?

A little known fact is that opportunities to sit luxury homes can be found on each of the best house sitting websites.

House and pet sitting since 2011, over recent years I’ve observed a marked increase world-wide in the number of luxury house sitting jobs regularly advertised on house sitting platforms.

house-sitting-jobsOne reason for this is growing confidence among home owners that, by joining one of the best house sitting sites, they will connect anonymously in a secure, online environment that shields exact location and personal identity.

Other reasons why owners of sumptuous homes are now advertising house sitting jobs is because they’re able to:-

  1. Narrow their search to find sitters whose Identity has been Verified.
  2. Read online reviews from past home owners.
  3. Know that both parties are accountable to the platform.

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Who needs to be a millionaire?

Not me!  

trusted-house-sitterWhat commenced as a stop gap measure in 2011 soon morphed into a lifestyle choice, as I discovered I could live for free, often in luxury, in exchange for caring for other people’s homes and pets in their absence.

Over the past decade I’ve connected with 340+ home owners via house sitting websites, mostly in my home country of Australia and also England and USA.

During this time I’ve ‘sat’ more than 140+ homes for the first time, plus countless repeat sits where I return to past homes & pets I know (and love). 

And as all seasoned house sitters know, with every house sit you glean new insights. This extensive house sitting experience has equipped me with knowledge and know-how, and given me opportunity to accumulate references and reviews from happy home owners.

Both parties save money

Thanks to the wonderful world of house and pet sitting, over the past 11 years I’ve “earned” free accommodation in exchange for caring for other people’s homes and pets.

Needless to say I’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

I often say I’ll settle down. But then another lovely opportunity presents itself and I find myself packing my bags to move in, or move out, of yet another lovely house sit.  Thanks to the wonderful world of house and pet sitting, I have much to be thankful for.

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