How to choose a House Sitting Website

house-and-pet-sitting-siteThe first step to house sitting success is choice of house sitting website. But if you don’t know the qualities to look for, choosing a site from among the plethora of platforms can be daunting, especially if you’re a first-timer.  We help you select a house and pet sitting site with confidence.  We reveal the five qualities that identify a reliable house sitting website from the others.

The 5 critical qualities of a good House Sitting Website

These are the five critical qualities that identify a good house sitting website from the others. Each of the housesitting sites showcased by Compare House Sitting reflect the following qualities and provide House Sitters and Home Owners with an online meeting place of integrity.


  1. Lists only current Home Owner ads. Or does the website allow Home Owner ads to remain listed once the house sitting position has been filled? Not only is this unhelpful to House Sitters searching for “open” house sitting opportunities, the practice artificially inflates the website’s statistics, making the site appear more effective than it really is.
  2. Promotes house and pet sitting as a free service.  Or will Home Owners waste time liaising with House Sitters who, unbenown to them, charge a fee?  All the best House and Pet Sitting sites subscribe to the ethos that house sitting is “the win-win arrangement between people who co-operate for mutual benefit”.  No money changes hands, because to do so would bring into play issues of liability.  In some areas of the world there are platforms catering to House Sitters who charge Home Owners. 
  3. Allows both parties to see all listings in advance of joining. Would you pay for something without knowing exactly what it offers? There is a disturbing trend among house sitting websites to restrict potential users from seeing who & what is on the other side of the fence. These sites allow House Sitters to see some Home Owner listings & Home Owners to browse a few House Sitters, but full viewing access is restricted pending registration. Both parties must, of course, register to connect – important to maintain online security. 
  4. Maintains a reasonable ratio of Home Owner listings to registered House Sitters.  Or is competition fierce? Will House Sitters need to compete with dozens of other keen sitters for house sitting positions?  And will Home Owners be inundated with more applications from House Sitters than they can manage?
  5. Has an active Social Media presence. Or will you be joining a platform that neither shows its face or give members opportunity to interact with one another? Social media plays an important role in the creation of trust. They enable administrators of websites to engage with users and importantly, empower those users to share experiences and discuss ideas.  


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