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EST 2015 Compare House Sitting® is the only resource dedicated to Monitoring and Reviewing House and Pet Sitting Websites world-wide.  We compare and review Features, Functionality, Fees and other important metrics. We showcase platforms that have stood the test of time connecting home owners with house sitters - around the corner, or on the other side of the world.


A Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1:      DISCOVER everything you need to know about the value-exchange arrangement of house and pet sitting

Step 2:      COMPARE Features, Functionality, Fees and other important metrics of the best house sitting websites.  Read Expert Reviews.

Step 3:      CONNECT with confidence to the world-wide house sitting community.

A Free Resource for House Sitters & Pet Sitters and Home Owners & Renters

Over recent years the value-exchange arrangement of house sitting has exploded in popularity around the world, as increasing numbers of home owners and renters open their doors to house and pet sitters.

No money changes hands, because trusted house sitters live-in and care for home and pets for free in exchange for free accommodation.

House sitting makes it possible for house sitters and home owners to get away for longer and more often.  Both parties Save Money. Pets are happy at home.  Everyone Wins.

Compare House Sitting® can help you avoid time wasting trial and error, and the frustration of things not working as expected.









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New Zealand



Top 5 Tips for House Sitters

Top 5 Tips for Home Owners

Choice of house sitting website is crucial

  • Why pay if you don't have to?  We explain 4 Key Differences between Free and Paid house and pet sitting.
  • Know which house sitting websites are best for house sitting as a free service in Australia, New Zealand, UK, America, Canada and Mexico. 
  • We Compare the world's ¹best house sitting websites - platforms that have stood the test of time connecting home owners with free house and pet sitters.
  • NEW House Sitting Website Reviews to help you find the ¹best house sitting website for your needs.

Get our Top 5 Tips and learn...

  •   The five simple steps that will almost immediately boost your chance of house sitting success.
  •   Our easy to understand, no nonsense approach is based on thousands of hours of practical house sitting experience and conversations with hundreds of home owners over ten years spent house sitting full-time.
  •   Principals that actually work! No nonsense, No Pie-In-The-Sky "Magic" guarantees for house sitting success.
  •   The often missed tactics that will help you stand out in the crowd.
Compare the ¹best house sitting websites that:

  Consistently list a good selection of house sitting jobs.
  Removes house sitting jobs once house sitters found
  Allows non-members to view 2 ALL house sitting jobs
  Maintains a fair ratio of House Sitters to Home Owners
  Ease of use and site navigation.  

¹Use of the term "best" is not a product rating and is subject to our General Disclaimer.
²View only, not contact. For security reasons, both parties must register with the house sitting website to connect with those on the other side of the house sitting fence.

Who's behind this Site?


Circa: 2020 Robyn-Lea, Founder.

Hi  Hola  Bonjour  Ola  Guten Tag  G'day

Greetings from me, Down Under. 🙂

Since 2011 I've had the privileged to live in other people's homes, for free, in exchange for caring for pets, pools, plants, lawns, hedges, edges.   

What commenced as a stop-gap measure soon morphed into a lifestyle choice, as I chose to "earn" free accommodation as a house & pet sitter

Between 2011 and 2015 I joined every house sitting website on the planet.  I soon discovered vast differences between the best and worst sites. Knowing choice of house sitting website can be a game changer, in 2015 I launched Compare House Sitting® to help others make an informed choice.

Over the past decade I've connected with more than 340 home owners to 'sit' 140+ homes for the first time, plus countless repeat sits where I return to past homes & pets I know (and love).  That real life experience has equipped me with a lot of knowledge and insights to share.  Compare House Sitting® can help you avoid time-wasting trial & error and the frustration of things not working as expected.


NEW! House Sitting Website Reviews

Independent Expert Reviews of the best websites for House Sitting Australia & New Zealand.

Reviews for house sitting opportunities world-wide coming soon. 🙂