Compare House Sitting® Websites is a free-to-use comparison platform to help consumers Compare, Review and Self-Select the best House Sitting Website for their individual requirements.  We do this by monitoring, researching and comparing Features, Functions and Fees of all prominent House Sitting Websites world-wide on an ongoing, regular, basis.

The information and general comparisons we provide are based on rigorous, ongoing, regular research.  The purpose of this research is to help users make an informed choice.

Not all house and pet sitting websites in the online marketplace are currently featured on Compare House Sitting®.  As at August 2019 we compare the [1]best and [2] other regional house sitting websites for house and pet sitting in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada and Mexico.  Additional data will soon be added comparing all prominent Global house and pet sitting websites.

Compare House Sitting® does not recommend any specific house sitting platform.  Compare House Sitting® redirects users to individual house sitting websites for all purchases. Compare House Sitting® does not advise consumers to join any House Sitting Website in particular.

Ordinarily we are notified of changes to Features, Functions & Fees of the House Sitting Websites featured on this site and updates are made in a timely manner.  Notwithstanding, it is possible that one or more changes may occur without our knowledge. Compare House Sitting® sometimes receives a commission when people join a house sitting website via links on this site, as explained in “Affiliate Commission”, below.


Compare House Sitting® is a professional review site that sometimes receives compensation from companies whose products we review.  We monitor, analyse and review all house sitting platforms on an ongoing basis.  Our goal is to help consumers make an informed decision by showcasing the best house and pet sitting websites.  We are independently owned and operated and the comments expressed are our own.

Affiliate Commission

The platform known as Compare House Sitting® or GoCompareHouseSittingWebsites contains links to house sitting websites.  Some house sitting sites offer an Affiliate Program in which we participate.  When consumers select a site through an affiliate link we may receive compensation by way of a small commission.  This commission does not negatively impact the price a consumer pays for the service.

Links to Third Party Products and Services

While visiting the Compare House Sitting® website consumers may be presented with the opportunity to purchase third party products or services.  These products and services are offered and supplied by independent companies not owned or operated by Compare House Sitting®   If consumers click on one of the presented offers they will be redirected to the site of the third party, and any information provide n response to the offer will be collected and used by the third party and not by Compare House Sitting®.  Information provided to the third party and any dealings had with the third party will be governed by the privacy and other policies of that third party.

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[1] Use of the terms “best” and “good” and “reputable” and “worst” are not product ratings and are subject to our General Disclaimer.

[2] Use of the terms “best” and “good” and “reputable” and “worst” are not product ratings and are subject to our General Disclaimer.

[3] Use of the terms “best” and “good” and “reputable” and “worst” are not product ratings and are subject to our General Disclaimer.