Compare House Sitting Websites is a free-to-use comparison site to help consumers Compare, Review and Self-select the best house sitting website for their individual requirements.   Compare House Sitting does this by ongoing monitoring and analysing prominent House Sitting Websites world-wide.

The information we provide is based on ongoing and recent research and is designed to assist users make informed decisions.  Not all house and pet sitting websites in the market are currently featured on Compare House Sitting but will be in the future.

As at March 2018 we compare the 1best housesitting websites for house and pet sitting in the regions of Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA  Canada and world-wide.   Compare House Sitting does not recommend any specific house sitting website.  Compare Housesitting re-directs users to individual house sitting websites for purchases.  Compare House Sitting does not advise consumers to join any House Sitting Website in particular.

Compare House Sitting is notified of changes to Features, Functions & Prices of the House Sitting Websites featured, and updates to the site are made, in a timely manner.  Notwithstanding, it is possible that one or more changes may occur without our knowledge. Compare House Sitting sometimes receives a commission when people join a house sitting website via links on this site.

FOOTNOTE:  1. Use of the terms “best” and “good” and “reputable” are not product ratings and are subject to our General Disclaimer.

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