kiwi-house-sitters-reviewEST 2016 Kiwi House Sitters is a house sitting website dedicated to house and pet sitting in New Zealand.

Kiwi House Sitters list hundreds more house, pet and farm sitting jobs in New Zealand than any other house sitting site on the planet!

Kiwi was the second site of what is now the world's largest suite of five country exclusive house sitting websites dedicated to five countries where the value-exchange arrangement of house sitting is common place.

Each of the websites for house sitting Australia, UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand share the same layout and features.  For those house sitters who travel the world, this makes for a seamless transition from one website to the next.

A very important feature is that online Reviews obtained from home owners on one platform can be transferred to each of the other websites in the group house sitters join as they

Kiwi House Sitters list hundreds more house sitting assignments in New Zealand than any other house sitting site.  On average, each month Kiwi list around 1,350 house, pet & farm sitting jobs.



Kiwi House Sitters have more detailed Search filters than any other platform for house sitting New Zealand.

Search filters are important!  A great time saver, search filters make it possible for those on both sides of the house sitting fence to refine their search to find Who and What they're looking for.  And When


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House and Pet Sitters

95% of house sitting jobs are acquired when house sitters apply for assignments.

The remaining 5% of house sitting jobs are obtained when home owners make direct contact with house sitters.  I explain more about this method in Unique Features.

The more detailed search filters, the easier it is for house, pet and farm sitters to find assignments that suit.

Kiwi House Sitters search filters include Location, Dates, Sit Length (5 filters from 1 week up to 2 months+), Pet Preferences, House Type (House, Cottage, Unit, Farm House, Other), Pets Welcome, Space for Caravan, Families Welcome, No Garden Care, No garden care, Smoking Permitted.

Other search filters are:

Dwelling Facilities - dishwasher, air conditioning, garage, street parking, garage, pool, BBQ etc.

Nearby Facilities - Theatres, Restaurants, Pubs, Cinemas, Parks, Beach, Fishing/Boating, Lawn Bowls, Yoga, etc.

Locale - City, Suburban, River/Lake, Coastal, Country, Bush/Forest, Mountains, Snow, and many more beside.

Find house sitting jobs in New Zealand

Kiwi offer house sitters three ways to search for house sitting jobs. 

First, select  how you want listings displayed - either Date (SOON) or Most Recently Added (NEW).

house-sitting-new-zealandSEARCH OPTION 1   Search Towns and Cities within a Region

SEARCH OPTION 2  Search for house sitting jobs on an Interactive Map

SEARCH OPTION 3  Select house sitting jobs within a 5 to 250 km radius of a specific Location.

When you've selected your preferred Location, then choose your Dates, Sit Length and Pet Preferences.

Other filters include House Type, Dwelling facilities, Nearby Facilities and Locale

Having specified the Location where you want to sit, your preferred Dates and sit Length, plus any other preferences you want to nominate, house sitters are given the option to further refine their search.

For example, families can search "Families Welcome".  People who travel with their own pets can search for sits where "Pets Welcome".  And house sitters who travel with their own van may need "Space for Caravan" are just a few examples of Kiwi's helpful search filters.


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Home Owners

The routine way home owners connect is to receive applications from house sitters in response to their listing on a house sitting website. 

However, some home owners like to browse house sitter profiles and make direct contact with people who look a good 'fit' for their house sitting job.

The comprehensive search filters on Kiwi enable home owners to search for sitters who want to sit where they Live, for the Dates they are going away.

Other filters include sitter’s preferred Sit Length, Pet Preferences, if they’re interested to sit Farms, and those who have had their ID Verified.

More home owners make direct contact with house sitters registered on Kiwi House Sitters than on any other website for house sitting New Zealand. I explain why this is so in Unique Features.



More home owners make direct contact with house sitters registered on Kiwi House Sitters than on any other website for house sitting New Zealand.

This is because, unlike all other house sitting websites, Kiwi home owners do not have to advertise but instead, need only register to connect with sitters.

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How this works

Once registered, Kiwi home owners write a description of their house sitting assignment and upload pictures of pets and their home.  They are then presented with two options:

Option 1: ‘publish’ (advertise) their assignment and wait for house sitters to apply

Option 2:  not ‘publish’ their ad but instead, make direct contact with house and pet sitters.

Home owners make direct contact with house sitters by browsing house sitter profiles and reaching out to people who are:-

1) available for their Dates

2) looking for sits where they Live and

3) a good ‘fit’ for their house sitting needs, as determined from the house sitters profile.


This is one reason why it is so important house sitters keep their details up-to-date - Date Available, preferred Location/s and Pet Preferences.



This unique feature significantly increases the number of Kiwi home owners and renters who make direct contact with house and pet sitters. 

Each month Kiwi update their home page to reflect the numbers for the past three months.


Click image to see stats for Jan 2023 and Dec & Nov 2o22 on Kiwi's home page.

Stats above show the number of house sitting jobs advertised and how many Kiwi home owners made 'direct contact’ with house sitters during each of the previous three months.

When house sitters are contacted directly by home owners, their chance of being chosen increases by around 60%.

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House Sitter Joining Fee = $NZ84 BUT ... use this link and Quote Discount Code CHSW15 for 15% off the Joining Fee. .

House Sitter Renewal Fee = $NZ84 BUT - Kiwi's “My Rewards” program make it possible for house sitters to significantly reduce their annual renewal fee.

A combination of Loyalty Rewards and Refer a Friend, “My Rewards” accumulate to reduce the following year's renewal fee.  Credits accumulated each year have the potential to reduce members’ renewal fee significantly!

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards of $15 p.a. are earned for each year of membership up until the 3rd year when the Platinum Membership Badge is automatically applied.  In each of years 1, 2 & 3 a $15 Loyalty Reward is applied to reduce the member’s annual renewal fee.  (Loyalty Rewards are capped at $NZ45.00.)

Refer a Friend

When house sitters “Refer a Friend” they earn $10 credit toward their next Renewal Fee PLUS the Friend gets $A10 off their Joining Fee.  There is no Limit to how often members can "Refer a Friend."

How this works

A fabulous feature, Kiwi House Sitters give all house sitter members a Unique Referral Code. 


My rewards history shows my total credits earned = $250.

This code can be found at Account Details/My Referrals in "My Account".

Members issue their code to anyone interested to join Kiwi as a house sitter. When the friend subscribes, a $10 credit is applied to their Renewal Fee. Plus the new member gets $10 off their Joining Fee.

Remember - each of the five country dedicated house sitting websites in the Group have the same interface. This means that members who want to housesit in Australia, UK, USA or Canada do not have to learn a new interface.  Plus they can transfer online reviews obtained on one platform to another platform in the Group as they travel the world - one house 'sit' at a time.

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